With the advent of the internet becoming a writer is now both easier and considerably more difficult. Easier because of the abounding resources that people create to help others and because of how many more ways of expressing your message exist but likewise difficult for the same reasons. Here is a continually updated list of resources that we use to improve ourselves. Included in this list are free to use blogs, podcasts, classes, and more that we are in no way affiliated with other than consuming their media.

Writing Excuses Podcast – I’m in season six as for the time of this writing and I have become utterly addicted to the insightful antics of the these three authors and this wonderful concise and thoughtful podcast. Directly touching upon genre fiction including Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, but also on the realities of being a writer, each talk is educational and leaves you wanting for more while not being too heavy allowing the listener to form their own opinions and responses.

ProBlogger – Darren Rowe’s blog about blogging has been a daily read for me since I decided to start-up this website. Offering his own advice and opinions, as well as those of frequent and well-known guests, the site does a great job of offering both common sense advice and the finer points of blogging. Covering a little bit of everything from SEO and making money from blogging it is a great introduction to anyone who is new to blogging and is interested in doing it for a living.

Lore Podcast – If you ever want an introduction to the weird of the real world Aaron Mahnke’s biweekly podcast is a great place to start. Well researched, engaging, and professional in quality it is an invaluable resource for those just dipping their feet into folklore. I’m also a support of the podcast on Patreon and have just eaten up the short bonus episode released on off weeks.

We are always looking to improve so if you know of a free resource on any aspect of writing please share it with us! Reach out to Danny at Danny@BTSchweitzer.com with a link and we will take time to look into the resource and if we start using it regularly we might even list it here!