Embrace the Day

The radio talk show that served as his alarm was discussing the plight of the homeless. He was more interested in getting five more minutes of sleep. During breakfast he absentmindedly flipped to a news channel with images of displaced men and women splayed across the screen and a new illness taking hold among them. He was more interested in his cereal. Finally leaving his apartment he was accosted by a man in a worn out jacket held together in equal measure by duct tape and dirt it looked like it would not keep him warm for the winter. The man grabbed him by the shoulders, stared into his soul, and mumbled for him to embrace the day. A prophesy. Shoving him off with hurtful words he climbed into his train and drove away. He was more concerned with making it to work on time and not smelling like piss. The rest of the day was a blur of office work. Utterly inconsequential but the most important thing in the world at the time. Night fell and his coworkers left one by one until eventually he too could leave without standing out. Walking to the train station something was on his mind but he wasn’t sure what. The day and it’s details – the plight of the homeless, a new plague out of the pages of science fiction or Greek myth, his encounter in the train station. He simply couldn’t help remembering the homeless man who explained that he suffered from what is known as Cassandra Syndrome – he foresaw all the awful events of the future but no one ever believed him. That exchange and his grim face were my last thoughts as the man bled out on the street in front of the car that hit him.

***Please Note: This Macrofiction was based off Microfiction #53 (shown above) based on popular vote.