Hello! Thank you for your continued interest in our first ever writing contest! We are very happy to report that it was an enormous success with over 75 entries across our five categories. Winners will be announced over our social media accounts and this website on October 30th and 31st.

Here are some details about the contest. Sadly, we are no longer accepting submission but hope you will consider entering the next contest we hold.


  1. All submitted stories must be fictional works pertaining to the issued themes as well as being two grammatically correct sentences in length in the style of those images shared by B.T. Schweitzer online. All submissions must be original, previously unpublished work, written in English, using proper grammar and spelling.
  2. Individual participants are allowed to submit up to three two pieces for each of the five themes (up to a total of 15 stories – complete the entry form individually for each theme).
  3. The competition will take place from Wednesday October 1st to Sunday October 18th. We will be enforcing a quorum of at least fifteen stories to help justify prizes – if less than fifteen stories are submitted the deadline will be extended indefinitely. Likewise due to the small size of our staff we will only be able to consider a maximum of 200 submissions at this time.
  4. Winners will be determined by B.T. Schweitzer himself, and Danny (B.T.’s writing partner, editor, and webmaster). We will determine the quality of the submission using the scoring rubric provided below.
  5. Winners will be announced on October 30th and 31st on our social media accounts. Once a decision has been announced it may not be contested by any participants.
  6. Entry does not guarantee a prize, and following us on social media is not required to enter. All participants will receive an email of participation along with a composite score they were awarded by the judges sometime after the contest is over.
  7. Sexual, violent, or vulgar content and language should be kept to a minimum and only used if necessary for the story – if deemed excessive by our judges it is grounds for outright dismissal. Participant misconduct  in person or online may also be grounds for outright dismissal.
  8. Submission to this competition grants B.T. Schweitzer (and affiliated Judges and their online pages) first-time electronic publication rights with the ability to share submitted works with proper citation and credit to their author in perpetuity for non-commercial reasons. Authors may request to have their works removed from our website at any time – works or authors found to be violating these terms may be removed without notification.
  9. Submission to this contest is an agreement to the following disclaimer: All rights to works published online at our website are retained by their original author – as part of this contest participants agree to waive their right to hold B.T. Schweitzer and associates legally responsible for perceived or actual faults with regards to the submitted work in perpetuity. Works contained herein are works of fiction as such characters, incidents, and dialogue are to be drawn from the authors’ imaginations with any resemblance to any actual events or persons, living or dead, being entirely coincidental.
  10. B.T. Schweitzer and associates reserve the right to change these contest rules at any time during the competition so long as all participants are notified in a timely manner and have the option to withdraw their work. In the case of unforeseen circumstances or a situation not outlined in these rules B.T. Schweitzer and associates reserve the right to resolve it to the best of their ability and discretion.

 CLARIFICATION: This contest is open internationally to all age groups and has no cost or requirements to participate in.

Judging Rubric

All submitted stories will be given a numerical score in each category below with prizes being awarded to the highest scoring entries in each theme.

Theme – How well does it address the ideas and symbols of the selected Theme?

Originality – How unique and creative is the idea behind the story?

Style – How well does the piece flow, read, and look, and how efficient is the word choice given the space?

Impact – How does an individual feel after reading the story and how subtle or clever is the piece?

Formatting – Does the story meet the requirements of good and proper English and the rules of the contest?



Prizes will be awarded to the top five stories in each theme. Winners will receive:

1st        Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website and in our Newsletter, Written Feedback from Judges, Short Author Biography and Link to Your Personal Site Added to the Gallery of Winners, $10 Amazon Gift Card

2nd       Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website, Written Feedback from Judges, $5 Amazon Gift Card

3rd        Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website, Written Comments

4th        Released on our Social Media, Written Comments

5th        Released on our Social Media, Written Comments


Additionally, we will be awarding this bonus prizes in acknowledgement for exceptional work.

Early Bird Prize  –  Awarded to a highest rated story submitted before 10/04.  Recipient will have their story Published on our Social Media and our Newsletter, receive Written Feedback, and $10 Amazon Gift Card.

B.T.’s Prize   –   Awarded to B.T.’s personal favorite submission. Recipient will have their story Published in our Newsletter, receive Written Feedback, and a $15 Amazon Gift Card. 


October 2015 Themes

Death, Darkness, & the Unknown

This theme is all about the lengthening night, what sorts of things can be found in that darkness, and the fear of death around the corner. Stories in this category should address and be about the most primal fears mankind has had throughout history and how they are especially powerful this time of the year.

Trick or Treat: Candy, Costume, & Children

This theme is all about the innocent and colorful side of the holiday and just how scary it can be with mischievous children, ample supplies of candy, and fun costumes. Stories in this category should especially utilize known tropes and symbols (like razor blades in apples, poisoned candy, and evil children) of the modern-day to tell more light-hearted stories with dark cores.

Roots of Halloween: Pagan Festival & Ancestor Veneration

This theme is all about the ancient roots of Halloween as the celebration of the animal slaughter, the veneration of the dead, and the preparation for the dark winter to come. Stories in this category should focus on the primal imagery and modern beliefs of these roots  in Witchcraft and the Wild Hunt as well as what can go wrong when these traditions aren’t kept.

Movie Monsters: Creatures, Killers, & Urban Legends

This theme is all about your cinematic freaks, cheap scares, and Technicolor creatures of the silver screen. Stories in this category should be about monsters and grindhouse in and off the B-movie screen  as well as the cliché classics monsters of yesteryear with new spins.

Scarecrows of the Autumn Harvest

This theme is all about the agriculture of the season and what sorts of beasts and scares come along with it. Stories in this category should focus from the lowly Jack o’ Lantern to Scarecrows to what lurks between the rows of the local corn maze and even new creations that highlight the fruits of this festival.


Good luck and Happy Writing!!!

Entry Application

We apologize for any inconvenience but the submission period for this contest ended on 10/18/15. We’d suggest that you consider entering another of our current contests instead.

Here is a list of winning entries for October 2015. Thank you entrants and congratulations winners!