B.T.'s Prize December 2015

FB_IMG_1451667433719My name is Grant Williams. I’m a married father of two amazing children from Wichita, KS. When I’m not at my day job as a QA engineer I can either be found writing, rock climbing, running, or cycling. I self published my first novel If at First in 2013 and have completed NaNoWriMo the last three years in a row. I plan to release my second novel The Wrong Things in the second half of 2016.

Congratulations Grant!

Krampusnacht Carol

Krampusnacht Carol - 1st Place

I am a 16 year old cabinet maker from London, Ontario. I enjoy guitar playing, computer building and writing as pastimes. I was born and raised on the family farm in Stratford, Ontario, While my grandparents were farmers and teachers, my mother and father were both Canadian reservists. I draw most of my inspiration from my grandmother (mother’s side) telling me folktales from “old country” (Flanders, Belgium), most of which she told me in a vain effort to stop me from stealing cookies from the cupboard (Krampus and the Nisser were both brought up frequently).

Congratulations Ray!

Krampusnacht Carol - 2nd Place Krampusnacht Carol - 3rd Place

Revenge of the Toys: Better to Give…

Revenge of the Toys - 1st Place

13-10-21 Hi! I’m Sam Plank. I’m a designer of airplane parts by day, and a writer of really short books by night. Of my 21 books published on Amazon, about 20 1/2 of them show off my extremely short attention span. In fact, this biography probably won’t even be as long as it can. Making YouTube Videos (I’m the Ghost Children in our Basement Caught on Tape guy!), writing Moviepilot articles, giving massive amounts of fistbumps, Walking Dead and hard root beer are some of my other favorite things. I’m the father of 2 crazy girls and the husband of one smokin’ wife, and I try to live my life by one simple rule: “Eh…what the hell, why not!”

You can find more of Sam’s work on his Amazon Author Page.

Congratulations Sam!

 Revenge of the Toys - 2nd Place Revenge of the Toys - 3rd Place

Horrific Holidays: Winter Solstice

Horrific Holidays - 1st Place

IMG_8815pp I’m Walker McMullin aka Thundergod1020, a guy living his life out in Hawaii with the looks of a god and the genius of a fish. If anyone wants to reward my efforts, they can simply say hi to me on FunnyJunk, Smite, or anywhere else you might see the Thundergod1020 tag! I also accept drawings of skeletons in humorous poses/situations at my email.

Horrific Holidays - 2nd Place Horrific Holidays - 3rd Place

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