We hit a hiccup with entries but were able to successfully complete our contest this month! I’m sorry to say that due to some new projects we will not be hosting a writing contest in January 2016. Check back soon for new material and hopefully new contests!


  1. All submitted stories must be fictional works pertaining to the issued themes as well as being two grammatically correct sentences in length in the style of those images shared by B.T. Schweitzer online. All submissions must be original, previously unpublished work, written in English, using proper grammar and spelling. This contest is open internationally to all age groups and has no cost or other requirements for participation.
  2. Individual participants are allowed to submit up to three  six pieces for each of the three themes (up to a total of 9 18 stories – complete the entry form individually for each theme, please).
  3. The competition will take place from Sunday, November 29th to Friday, December 18th  Monday, December 28th. We will be enforcing a quorum of at least fifteen stories total to help justify prizes – if less than 25 stories are submitted the deadline will be extended indefinitely at the judge’s discretion. Likewise due to the small size of our staff we will only be able to consider a maximum of 200 submissions at this time.
  4. Winners will be determined by B.T. Schweitzer himself, and Danny (B.T.’s writing partner, editor, and webmaster). All submission will be judged in a blind fashion by theme using the scoring rubric provided below. Each judge will award up to 10 points per category for a composite score out of 100.
  5. Winners will be announced on December 24th and 25th  December 31st and January 1st on our social media accounts. Once a decision has been announced it may not be contested by any participants.
  6. Entry does not guarantee a prize, and following us on social media is not required to enter. But always encouraged! Winners will be notified a few days prior to the release of stories.
  7. Sexual, violent, or vulgar content and language should be kept to a minimum and only used if necessary for the story – if deemed excessive by our judges it is grounds for outright dismissal. Participant misconduct  in person or online may also be grounds for outright dismissal.
  8. Submission to this competition grants B.T. Schweitzer (and affiliated Judges and their online pages) first-time electronic publication rights with the ability to share submitted works with proper citation and credit to their author in perpetuity for non-commercial reasons. Authors may request to have their works removed from our website at any time – works or authors found to be violating these terms may be removed without notification.
  9. Submission to this contest is an agreement to the following disclaimer: All rights to works published online at our website are retained by their original author – as part of this contest participants agree to waive their right to hold B.T. Schweitzer and associates legally responsible for perceived or actual faults with regards to the submitted work in perpetuity. Works contained herein are works of fiction as such characters, incidents, and dialogue are to be drawn from the authors’ imaginations with any resemblance to any actual events or persons, living or dead, being entirely coincidental.
  10. B.T. Schweitzer and associates reserve the right to change these contest rules at any time during the competition so long as all participants are notified in a timely manner and have the option to withdraw their work. Additionally, if selected for a prize, we reserve the right to correct any grammatical errors in stories prior to their publication without consulting the original author. In the case of unforeseen circumstances or a situation not outlined in these rules B.T. Schweitzer and associates reserve the right to resolve it to the best of their ability and discretion.

Judging Rubric

All submitted stories will be given a numerical score out of 10 in each category below by each judge. Prizes will be awarded to the five highest scoring entries in each of this month’s three themes.

Theme – How well does it address the ideas and symbols of the selected Theme?

Originality – How unique and creative is the idea behind the story?

Style – How well does the piece flow, read, and look, and how efficient is the word choice given the space?

Impact – How does an individual feel after reading the story and how subtle or clever is the piece?

Formatting – Does the story meet the requirements of good and proper English and the rules of the contest?


Prizes will be awarded to the top five stories in each of our three themes. Winners will receive:

1st        Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website and in our Newsletter, Written Feedback from Judges, Short Author Biography and Link to Your Personal Site Added to the Gallery of Winners, $10 Amazon Gift Card

2nd       Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website, Written Feedback from Judges, $5 Amazon Gift Card

3rd        Released on our Social Media, Published Story on our Website, Written Comments

4th        Released on our Social Media, Written Comments

5th        Released on our Social Media, Written Comments

Additionally, we will be awarding these bonus prizes in acknowledgement for exceptional work.

Early Bird Prize  –  Awarded to a highest rated story submitted before 12/02.  Recipient will have their story Published on our Social Media and our Newsletter, receive Written Feedback, and $10 Amazon Gift Card. No stories were submitted within the deadline for this prize so it will not be awarded this month.

B.T.’s Prize   –   Awarded to B.T.’s personal favorite submission. Recipient will have their story Published in our Newsletter, receive Written Feedback, and a $15 Amazon Gift Card. 

December 2015 Themes

Krampusnacht Carol

The Christmas season was once a time associated with spirits – from Dickensian ghosts to other, sometimes darker, supernatural entities. In recent years Krampus has become increasingly popular but he is far from the only creature of his ilk. Don’t forget about legends like Befana the good witch, Zwarte Piet the helpers of Saint Nick, Frau Holda the white, or even the ferocious Namahage. Stories in this category are all about telling new tales of beings associated with the stranger side of the holiday season and their roles in the gift giving festivities. If you have stories about punishing children with more than coal, festive ghost stories, or creatures of snow giving gifts this is the theme for you! Bonus points for stories about creatures the judges are not familiar with. Make sure to include appropriate folklore references but still be original and modern while staying within the Fantasy and Horror genres.

Revenge of the Toys: Better to Give…

The old expression says “It’s better to give than it is to receive” and this theme is all about living toys and shopping experiences that make the phrase true. Bring us your one of a kind novelties and discarded playthings that wreak havoc on Christmas morning or any other day of the season on children and families who may or may not deserve it. Tell tales about holiday mobs gone wild on Black Friday or other holiday season shopping spree.  Stories in this category don’t need to be morality tales about consumerism, humor is encouraged after all, but they should still maintain an element of Horror whether or not they are more Fantasy or Science Fiction is up to you.

Horrific Holidays: Winter Solstice

With the advent of B-Films like ThanksKilling, GingerDead, Santa’s Slay, Silent Night Deadly Night, among many others Horror has come to Christmas but very few, if any, such stories exist for different winter holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and others. Writers have nearly free rein because stories in this theme should be original ideas for holiday appropriate Horror and Science Fiction worthy of modern B-films equal parts menace and cheese. Make sure to utilize appropriate holiday symbols for the respective choice and feel free to pick other holidays that were not listed here as long as they occur sometime between late November and early January.

Entry Application

Thank you for your continued interest in our writing contests! Unfortunately at this time we are not hosting a contest for January 2016. Check back soon for new contests! Happy Writing!