B.T. Schweitzer is an aspiring American author in his early twenties who specializes in Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy fiction.  He would love to share some of his work with you and if you enjoy it have you share it with your own friends. Below are some of the types of writing he currently produces.



Microfiction is a relatively new literary genre that began in the past century with the works of authors such as Chekov, Kafka, Bradbury, Vonnegut, and Clarke among many others. Although no single definition of the genre exist – Hemingway famously used six words while Lovecraft used several dozen – it is widely agreed to be an encapsulated story composed of 300 or fewer words. Or 150 characters or less in the post-Twitter world. B.T. found a happy middle ground by creating Horror, Science Fiction, or Fantasy worlds in two or less sentences. We welcome you to enjoy some of B.T. Schweitzer’s Microfiction with two new stories released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Six Word Stories

More information coming soon


More information coming soon