A Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (Japanese loosely translated as “Gathering of One Hundred Strange Tales”) is a parlor game dating back from the Edo era. Originally it was used as a test of bravery among the Samurai until being widely adopted by the nobility and merchant classes as a proof of refinement and education. The game revolves around a group of individuals gathering together in a darkened home, illuminated by only one hundred candles, to tell the same number of supposedly true strange stories. With each story a candle is extinguished and the space becomes progressively more welcoming to spirits…

What happened when the final candle was extinguished?

Sources differ, as do variants of the game, but the Japanese believed that a ghost would be summoned. For many that ghost was Ao Andon, the Spirit of the Blue Lanterns. This extra story today, and every subsequent story after another hundred, will focus on different Yokai or wondrous being from Japanese folklore and literature. We are even releasing a new Microcosm – The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons to celebrate. Expect to see many more of these stories for O Bon in the summer.

We’ve shared our 101st Microfiction today. Words cannot express how incredible this journey has been and just how much I owe each and every one of you all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making even this and everything to come possible. I would encourage anyone willing to try their very own Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai with my work. The love of my life and I have on several occasions and it’s been some spooky and odd fun. We’ll be hosting another on the 30th of this month! If you do try it out make sure to tell us how it goes! Here’s to hundreds Microfiction more!