Three Hundred Stories. It’s an incredible landmark and one that I honestly never expected to reach so soon. At this rate we will far surpass one microfiction for every day of the year and may even break four hundred before the one year anniversary of this website!

As with our 101st and 201st  stories this is another special  landmark as part of the Japanese storytelling game Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai (loosely translated as “Gathering of One Hundred Strange Tales”) and this tale focuses on perhaps my favorite Yokai the Kitsune.

Plenty has been written about these mystical, if somewhat mischievous, fox spirits but one tale has always fascinated me that of Kitsune Tsuki (loosely translated as “Fox Possession”). Similar in several ways to how possession is described in various cultures this one can include not only the individual, but also his or her family and may not always be considered a bad thing. Possession of a family results in wealth and power while possession of an individual could mean embarrassing and strange acts.

As with most things pertaining to the fox every retelling of these stories is different. And I hope my simple take on it helps add to what is being said.